Fixtures and Results

2012/2013 Season


Date 1XV Fixtures Result 2XV Fixtures Result Internationals

1st September Trials Game

8th September

Whitton Lions (F-A at Northolt) 59-17 WIN
15th September Kilburn Cosmos (L-A) 14-19 Belsize Park III (F-H) 12-62
22nd September Ickenham (L-H)
Chiswick IV (M-H) 10-15
29th September Old Abbostonian (L-A) 17-17 Uxbridge II (M-H) 12-26
6th October Chess Valley (L-H) 21-20 Spartans (M-H) 22-19
13th October

Northolt (M-A) 7-21
20th October Uxbridge (L-H) 44-16 London French II (M-A) 29-14
27th October Pinner & Grammarians (L-A) 24-0 Bedfont Sports (M-H) 54-22
3rd November Old Grammarians (L-A) 52-7

10th November

Feltham III (M-A) 29-5 England v Fiji
17th November Saracens Amateurs (L-A) 40-23

England V Australia
24th November Royston (L-H) 5-10 Old Isleworth II (F-A) ? England v South Africa
1st December

England v New Zealand
8th December

Chiswick IV (M-A) 19-14
15th December Old Isleworthians (L-H) 74-10
Uxbridge II (M-A) 40-10

22nd December

29th December

5th January

12th January Old Abbotstonian (L-H) 17-7
Spartans (M-A) 0-27

19th January

26th January

London French II (M-H) 15-10

2nd February Chess Valley (L-A) 34-3

England v Scotland
9th February Pinner & Grammarians (L-H) 68-0

Ireland v England
16th February Old Grammarians (L-H) 60-5
Bedfont Sports (M-A) 20-5

23rd February Ickenham (L-A) 5-37
Chiswick IV (F-H) ?
England v France
2nd March Saracens Amateurs (L-H) No game
Feltham III (M-H) 25-0

9th March Royston (L-A) 5-45
Northolt (M-H) 0-24
England v Italy (Sunday)
16th March
Quintin Old Boys vs the young Quintin Whippersnappers

Wales v England
23rd March

Merit Table Semi-final vs Spartans 24-7

30th March

6th April Old Isleworthians (L-A) 24-8

13th April Kilburn Cosmos (L-H) 8-31
Merit Table Final vs Northolt!
Quintin Win!! 18-10
19th April Tour!

4th May Lochaber 7's