Quintin Is A Touring Rugby Club

Quintin travels again, 2016 is Hamburg!

Barcelona 2014 breakdown:

The decision has been made for this season's destination and it is Hamburg! Ask any tourist and they will tell you tales of a refined tour with historic sightseeing and lazy days on the beach coupled with fine dining, wining and a totally sober game of gentleman's rugby ;)

Expect beer houses, beer bikes, rugby against Hamburg Exiles and a Sunday activity.

Start making your payments now to avoid being broke when it counts! Tour will be from 22nd to 25th April 2015 and costs are yet again 250, dead cheap.

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Little is asked of our players. We do however expect that you make one weekend in April available for the Tour. Recent times have seen us in such Rugby hotbeds of Krakow, Heidelburg, Eindhoven, Antwerp, Le Touquet, Cork, Budapest, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Limoges. A massive 45 people toured to Lisbon which we hope to beat this year!

As ever the format will be a Friday departure with games on the Saturday and Sunday and the odd alcoholic beverage here and there...


Further details will be issued in due course, payment can be either made in a lump sum for those already emerged from the recession, by direct debit for most of us. For details contact either Paul Townsend or one of the tour committee.


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